Manager Adam Farrell, Chef Tom Bottoms, Chef Michael Lavin, Manager Colin Cummings

PIER 290 Hires Chef Michael Lavin to Head Up Catering Division

Chef Mike has chosen the Lake Life! Chef Michael Lavin has joined the Gage Marine family of businesses to develop and grow their catering and event business, as well as work with PIER 290 Chef Tom Bottoms on menu planning and quality assurance. 

Chef Lavin plans to work on branding and expanding the food business of Gage. “Chef Mike’s focus will be to grow our off-site catering business, as well as continue to provide a high-quality catering experience for guests on our on-site premises and our Lake Geneva Cruise Line boats,” said Gage Marine CEO Bill Gage.

“I am lucky to have found a career that I love and am passionate about. It is a privilege to be able to share in and contribute to people’s milestone events and I look forward to creating memorable experiences for people while working at PIER 290,” said Chef Mike Lavin. 

Chef Lavin completed his culinary studies in the Midwest and out East. He worked in country clubs and hotels for many years. He joined a local grocery store chain and during his 22 years there developed a successful catering business. Chef Lavin has appeared on the Food Network and in many culinary print magazines.

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