New Management Team Prioritizing Casual, Consistent Experiences

On the sunny, scenic shores of Williams Bay sits our high-end, casual restaurant: PIER 290. As the most recent addition to the Gage family of brands, we are one of the few eateries on Geneva Lake for locals and visitors alike to arrive and dine by land or by sea.

As a premier space to enjoy great food, refreshing drinks, and a stunning atmosphere, PIER 290 is a popular place to spend time enjoying the company of family and friends.

One challenge our restaurant has always faced, however, is stability. With a difficult market that undergoes major upswings each summer and gentle declines between fall and spring, the experiences of our guests have, at times, been inconsistent.

This year, we’re committed to making these inconsistencies a thing of the past.

Introducing PIER 290’s New Management Team

In early March 2019, we brought on two talented General Managers (Adam Farrell and Colin Cummings) to tag team our restaurant’s improvement efforts – each with their own impressive background in hospitality.

Adam Farrell grew up in the restaurant business. His parents owned and operated Abell’s Corners, a former established, local bar and grill just north of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Continuing to moonlight at a variety of restaurants over the years, Farrell committed to hospitality full-time occupying a series of roles at PIER 290 nearly a decade ago.

After leaving to manage the Bunker Grill & BBQ at Evergreen Country Club for a time, we’re thrilled to bring Adam back in-house to provide a classic perspective to our future outlook.

“It’s great to get back to my roots and help provide a more stable path forward for PIER 290,” Farrell said. “There is plenty of history here, for me, and I believe a few subtle improvements will go a long way in providing our customers with amazing experiences – every time they visit.”

Colin Cummings arrives with over 25 years in the food service industry. His foundation in hospitality began with his mother who made a career managing large-scale, industrial kitchens.

Cummings began carving out his own career at age 17 when he took his first job as a food service manager. Since that time, he has worked at every level of restaurant management – from banquets and bartending to corporate positions at Chili’s and Cheesecake Factory.

He also knows the Lake Geneva market well, having managed restaurants at Grand Geneva and Houlihan’s as well as his most recent position as Assistant GM at Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub for the last six years.

“My background is unique in that I understand how each level of our restaurant’s staff must work together in order to provide the best possible experience for our customers,” Cummings said. “Having worked in each position, myself, and been in corporate environments where consistency is king, I’m looking forward to bringing it all together at PIER 290.”

Lake Life Begins with Gage at PIER 290

For the upcoming summer season, PIER 290 is currently implementing ways to be more accessible than ever.

Thanks to our restaurant’s versatile location, we will continue to offer casual, indoor/outdoor dining experiences (including off-the-water ordering and covered party dining) as well as classy, upscale dinners in the evenings.

“We’re really looking to maintain stability at PIER 290 – both in our kitchen and in our menu,” Farrell explained. “Only about 20% of the menu will change throughout the year, with lighter, fresher options being offered in the spring and summer and heartier, comfort dishes in the fall and winter.”

Consistency is the name of the game. Keeping our menu steady throughout most of the year ensures you can order all of your favorite entrees, sides, and drinks – no matter when your cravings hit.

The food on our plate, your go-to cocktail, and the quality of our atmosphere will be ready for your next visit. This is the vision our two new General Managers share.

“We really are a strong team. Adam has the history from being here in the past, and I can provide additional structure and elements to help us run things efficiently,” Cummings commented. “This is going to be a great upcoming season. Come stop by and say hello!”

Lake Life Begins with Gage at Pier 290! Make a reservation online today or learn more about hosting a private party with us!

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